Let’s enjoy Nobeyama plateau!

Recommended season: Summer/ Nobeyama Station (Nagano prefecture, Minami Saku Gun Minami Maki village)

Minamimaki-mura was selected as one of the “best 3 starry sky in Japan”, as selected by astronomers.

Spot ① "Hirasawa Pass" overlooking the mountains in all directions

Point of interest. The starting point for climbing Mt. Meshimori, the Hirasawa Pass, which has a rock named Lion rock, which looks like a lion lying down from a distance. The sunset is also very beautiful.
Address Hirasawa, Minamimaki Village, Minami Saku Gun, Nagano prececture ZIP:384-1305
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Spot ② “Feel the Best” [JR Rail Highest Point of interest. ]

Point of interest. Altitude 1375m. An interesting place on the JR line is a large pillar. Aside from this, there is a railway highest point shrine built in the hope of the safety of travelers. There are only railway shrines, and the gods are the rails used on the Koumi Line. The wheel of SL “C56” that once ran on the Koumi Line is also displayed. The 1375m point is popular among non-railway fans because it can be read as “Hitomi Happiness” and “All the people Pass”.
Spot Information Telehone: 0267-96-2211 (Minamimaki Mura Village)
Address 214-32 Nobeyama Minamimaki Village, Kitasaku Gun, Nagano Prefecture ZIP:384-1305
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Spot ③ Very popular Spot! {MInamimaki Village agricultural direct sales office]

Point of interest. This is a farm and livestock products direct sales office operated by the factory known for "Poppo milk". In addition to dairy products such as milk, yogurt and soft serve, we also sell locally grown vegetables such as lettuce, Chinese cabbage and cabbage depending on the season.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-98-2028
Opening hours: 8:30 am to 5:30pm
Address 79-7 Nobeyama, Minamimaki Village, Minami Saku Gun, Nagano Prefecutre ZIP:384-1305
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Restaurant Highest Point.

A mountain hut-style Japanese restaurant at the highest point on the JR line. The soba from Nobeyama is ground and freshly made by the master every morning. The freshly cooked soba has a wonderful sweetness and chewy feel. "Chilled vegetable tempura soba" with deep-fried round tempura made from local vegetables is recommended. The classic “Mori soba” is also delicious.

Opening hours: 11:00 am 6:00pm
Telephone: 0267-98-3210
Closed: Tuseday (No days off during the summer)

214-32 Nobeyama, Minami Maki Village, Minami Saku Gun, Nagano Prefecture ZIP:384-1305
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