Let’s go and see the Kawakami Dog

Recomeended Season: Early Summer to Autumn/ SinanoKawami Station(Kawakami Station Minamisaku Gun, Nagano Prefecture)

Kawakami Village, famous for lettuce cultivation, is also the village at the source of the Chikuma River. Abundant earth and rich water nurture delicious vegetables. Kawakami Ken (Dog), a natural monument from Nagano Prefecture, is a Japanese dog full of wild charm.

Spot (1) Exhibits from the Oomiyama Site “Local Materials Exhibition Room (Kawakami Village Cultural Center)”

Point of interest. Located in Kawakami Village Cultural Center, it introduces the history and folklore of Kawakami Village. Old stoneware, Jomon earthenware and stoneware are on display. The Ofukayama ruins, where many excavated items are displayed, is one of the most important sites of the Jomon period and is considered one of the highest altitudes where Jomon ruins have been found nationwide.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-97-2000
Opening hours: 9:00am -5:00pm(Until 4:30pm)
Closed/ Monday (A day after National Holiday), New Year’s Eve and New Years’
Address 348-9 Oofukayama Kawakami Village Minami Saku Gun Nagano Prefecture ZIP:384-1405
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Spot ② Popular with children! "Letasuke Friendship Park"

Point of interest. Park with the name of Kawakami-mura's mascot character "Letasuke". There is a large amount of playground equipment with a motif of triple sliders and lettuce that children are delighted with.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-97-2121 (Kawakami Village Office)

Spot ③ “Mori no Exchange Hall” (inside Kawakami Village Forestry Center)

Point of interest. “Forest Exchange Center” where you can learn about forestry and forests in Kawakami Village. Located in the Kawakami Village Forestry Center, the entire building uses larch from upstream. In addition, Kawakami Dogs, designated as a natural treasure in Nagano Prefecture, are bred at the Kawakami Dog Exhibition Hall.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-97-2518
Operation hour: 10 am to 5 pm
Address 536 Oofukayama, Kawakami Village, Minami Saku Gun, Nagano
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Forest Station Marche Kawakami

Many anglers gather in Minamiaiki Village. In winter, you can enjoy hole fishing on the ice (Shinanoyukimasu (trout) and Smelt). On the shore of the lake, the nature changes with the seasons, such as Yoshino cherry in the spring and autumn leaves, creates a superb view, and a beautiful reflection is also shown on the lake’s surface.

Telephone: 0267-78-3250
536 Fukayama, Kawakami Village, Minami Saku, Nagano Prefecture ZIP:384-1405
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