Enjoy the nature of Kawakami Village!

Estimated Time: About 7 hours

Shinano Kawakami Station (40 minutes by taxi) → 90 minutes by walk from Kinpou Sanso (mountain cottage)→ 90 minutes by walk from Karasawa Falls → 40 minutes from Kinpou Sanso (40 minutes by taxi) → Shinano Kawakami Station

Kinpou Mountain Cottage

Point of interest. A village mountain villa that is the base of Kawakami's outdoor life such as rock climbing, trekking and fishing. You can enjoy unique flavors such as wild vegetable dishes and river fish dishes such as Char. You can also use the “Magarimedaira Campsite” and the “Fureai no Mori Campsite” with detached cabins and BBQ facilities available.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-99-2428
Price: Adult Y6800, Child: Y5900
Address 546-2 Kawabatashita Kawakami Village ZIP:384-1401
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Spot ② Karasawa Water Fall

Point of interest. The waterfall is 1 hour walk from Kinpou Mountain Cottage Sanso. The whole area is a rocky mountain, and there are many rocks suitable for rock climbing. The waterfall has a drop of about 40m, and it slides down into a two-stage rocky area. In winter it becomes an ice ridge and is also known as an ice climbing waterfall.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-97-2121 (Kawakami Village Office)
Address Kawabatashita Kawakami Village Minami Saku Gun Nagano Prefecture ZIP:384-1401
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