Minamimaki Village Let’s feel Nature and Animals!

Estimated time: About 7 hours

Shinano Kawakami Station (40 minutes by taxi) → 90 minutes on foot from Kinmine Sanso → 90 minutes on foot from Karasawa Falls → 40 minutes from Kinmine Sanso (40 minutes by taxi) → Shinano Kawakami Station

Nobeyama Space Radio Observatory

Point of interest. The world's largest radio telescope that suddenly appears in a vast vegetable field. It is one of the most accurate in the world, exploring the darkest parts of the universe by observing radio waves called “millimeter waves” with short wavelengths. This telescope found a huge black hole in another galaxy. This radio telescope, with a background of Yatsugatake, and its observation of countless radio heliographs has helped create new information about space.
Address 462-2 Nobeyama Minamimaki Village ZIP:384-1305
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Hirasawa Hill

Point of interest. The peak of Kashiwa is a great observation spot. The magnificent Yatsugatake mountain range spreads out in front of you. If you climb the rough “Shishiiwa”, reminiscent of a lion, you can feel the exhilaration of the scenery. The sunset over Yatsugatake is also breathtaking. It is also the starting point of the popular mountainMeshimori, where you can enjoy light climbing.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-96-2211 (Minamimaki Village Office)

JR Rail the highest Point of interest.

Point of interest. "The closest to the sky" Kogen Railway Koumi Line. The JR Railway, highest point (1375m) is located between Nobeyama Station and Kiyosato Station. The moment you pass by in a train is a good feeling, but you will want to enjoy it slowly. Beside the highest point, there is a railway shrine built by the people who love the JR highest point and who pray for the safety of travelers. The god is like a railroad shrine and is a rail used on the Koumi Line. SL "C56" wheels are also displayed.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-96-2211 (Minamimaki Village Office)

Takizawa Ranch

Point of interest. A farm where you can experience nature and animals. Handmade ice cream made from freshly milked milk has a popular ranch taste. An experience and sightseeing ranch where you can have contact with nature and animals through various experiences such as milking cows, horseback riding, ice cream and butter making. The food you make and eat yourself is exceptional.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-98-2222
Address 23-1 Nobeyama Minamimaki Village ZIP:384-1305
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MInamimaki Village farm direct sales office

Point of interest. Vegetable kingdom "Minamimaki-mura". There are plenty of fresh vegetables such as lettuce and Chinese Cabbage. In addition to fresh milk from the adjacent “Yatsuren”, we also sell dairy products such as yogurt and cheese. Here too, you can eat ice cream. Thick soft ice cream with jersey milk is a nice chance of taste.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-98-2098
Address 79-7Nobeyama Minamimaki Village ZIP:384-1305
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