Komoro City Visit the wine region

Estimated time: About 2 hours

Komoro Station 10 minutes by taxi → Man's Wine Komoro Winery 10 minutes by taxi → Komoro Station

Mans wine Komoro Winery

Point of interest. With a climate similar to that of Europe, Nagano Prefecture is now a world-class wine region. From viticulture to bottling, the high-end wine “Solaris” that brings together Mans wine techniques is originated here. In a winery tour, you can visit vineyards and maturing cellars, sample tastings and purchase your favorite wine. The Japanese garden “Bansuien” in the winery boasts a size of1000square meter and is also worth a visit.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-22-6341
Address 375 Moro Komoro City ZIP:384-0043
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