Kitaikigi winter icicles! Santaki!

Estmated time: About 4 hours

Koumi Station → Bus 25 minutes → Daiwa Bus Stop → 60 minutes by walk → Mitaki → 60 minutes by walk → Daiwa Bus Stop → Bus 25 minutes → Koumi Station


Point of interest. "Santaki" is a collective term for Daizen, Shozen, and Asama. Santakisan, where the three waterfalls are located, is a mountain of worship that was opened by the Zen Buddhist monastery of Zen Buddhism. The two waterfalls, Daizen and Shozen, are named after this “Dazen monastery”. In addition to the green spring season, the biggest show is during the severe winter season when the waterfall freezes. In particular, Daizen Falls with a drop of 30m creates a unique pine icicle-like effect. You will feel overwhelmed by the beauty of nature.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-77-2111( Kitamimaki Viilage Office)
Address Kitaakiki Village ZIP:384-1201 ※For details, please contact the Kitaaigi Village Office
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