Koumi line, 80 Years of history

This line links Komoro, Shinshu, Kobuchizawa and Koshu. The beautiful and breathtaking Yatsugatake mountain range and running through the Nobeyama Plateau can be seen. The High land JR train is called the Koumi Line. First was the Saku Line ( Komoro to Nakagomi) and it was completed in 1919(Taisho 8)and next was an extension to Koumi, (1934 (Showa 9)). The government then bought the line which turned it into a public line. On November 29th, 1935 Kawakami Shinshu opened a link to Kiyosato, on the Southern Koumi Line, Kobuchizawa to Kiyosato altogether. Komoro to Kiyosato were then linked, making it 78.9km in total, as one continuous line.

Koumi line Area Promotion Committee

The Koumi line area Promotion Committee has been formed from the local council along the JR Koumi line to participate in activities to revitalize the area and promote the use of the JR Koumi line.