About the Koumi LineKOUMILINE

The Koumi Line’s nickname is Yatsugatake Highland line.

 Koumi Line is a 78.9 km long East Japan Railway, connecting Kobuchizawa Station (Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture) to Komoro Station (Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture). It runs along the foot of the Yatsugatake range and the Nobeyama Plateau, which is over 1000m above sea level. Between Kiyosato Station and Nobeyama Station, there is the highest point of any JR Railway with an altitude of 1375m. Nobeyama Station is at the highest altitude of all JR stations (1345.6m), and a total of 9 stations that are in the TOP 10 of JR station for altitude. The Yatsugatake range is on the left hand side when heading towards Komoro, running through the plateau, passing through the valley along the Chikuma River. Next is the Sakudaira area, which is an urban area, which is also used as a station for commuting.

 Sakudaira Station is a connection station for the Hokuriku Shinkansen, and between Iwamurata Station and Nakasato Station, which is elevated, and this unique structure that runs the Shinkansen nationwide. Next is Komoro city and moving from Otome station to finish at Komoro station.

 The Koumi Line is a route with various and interesting place, such as sightseeing trains and a local feel. Please come and enjoy your trip on the Koumi Line.

The Koumi line map

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