Who was Aiki genjin(Original Man)?

Recommened Season : Spring to Autumn/Koumi station (Nagano Prefecture Minamisaku Gun, Koumi Machi/ Kitaaiki Village)

Kitaaiki village, where 90% of the area is surrounded by forests. Human bones and earthenware from 8000 years ago are excavated from the Tochihara Iwakage site. It makes you wonder about history and where we came from.

Spot ① "Tochihara Iwakage Ruins", a historic site in the early Jomon period

Point of interest. An early Jomon period ruin discovered in 1965 and designated as a national historic site. More than 10 human and many mammal bones, including extinct Japanese wolves, earthenware and stoneware have been discovered.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-77-2111(Kitaaiki Village Archaeological Museum)

Spot ② Tochiharaiwakage Remains Excavations display “Kitaaiki Village Archaeological Museum”

Point of interest. The Kitaaiki Archaeological Museum mainly exhibits excavated items from the “Tochihara Iwakage Site” in the village and has a wealth of materials from the early Jomon period. In addition, archaeological materials excavated in surveys throughout the village are restored and stored here.
Spot Information Telephone:0267-77-2111
Opening hours: 9:00am to 4:30pm (Entrance 4:00pm)
Admission fee: Adult (older then High School students) Y200, Child (Elementary, Junior High School) Y100
Closed: Monday ( if Monday is national holiday Tuesdasy) A day after National Holiday, New Years eve and New Years days
Address 2744 Kitaaiki Village, Minami Saku Gun, Nagano Prefecture, ZIP:384-1201
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It is on this mountain that a Zen monastery was built and opened. The name comes from the fact that there are three waterfalls: Daizen Falls, Kozen Falls, and Sengen Falls.

Chojano mori

A complex facility with a car accessible campsite, a lodge and a cottage where you can enjoy nature. Popular as a base for outdoor activities such as camping, mountain stream fishing and trekking. Meals can be enjoyed at the barbecue house, or at the lodge with local vegetables. In autumn, the famous matsutake mushroom might be found!

5616-6 Kitsugihara, Kitaaiki Village, Minami Saku Gun, Nagano prefecture ZIP:384-1201
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