Long Course ③HIGH RAIL 2nd/ Winter (December until March 11th)

Sakudaira Station→Iwamurada Station→ 5 minutes by walk , Sakumo Childrens’ Sicence Museum, (60minutes)→(walk 5 minutes) Iwamurada Station→HIGHRAIL 2nd (LUNCH/ Watching view from the window)→Nobeyama Station arrival →(Walk 40minutes)National Observatory(40 minutes) → (walk 40 minutes) Nobeyama Station→Kobuchizawa Station Arriveal and departs →HIGH RAIL Star Sky→Nobeyama Station arrival (Starry Sky Observation Socielty) →Sakudaira Station.

Sakumo Childrens’ Science Museum.

Point of interest. A science museum where children can learn through hands on experiences. The latest planetarium can enjoy powerful dome images with a 4K projector. A museum that can be enjoyed all day long, including a permanent exhibition of an approximately 5m Brachiosaurus dinosaur model and a hands-on and practical science experience workshop.
Spot Information. Telephone/0267-67-2001
Open: 9:30am to 5pm ※May 3rd to May 6th, July 1st to August 31st until 6 o’clock.
Closed every Thursday.
Address 1931-1 Iwamurada Saku City Nagano. ZIP:385-0022
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Nobeyama Space Radio Observatory.

Point of interest. The world's largest radio telescope that suddenly appears in a vast vegetable field. It is one of the most accurate in the world, exploring the darkest parts of the universe by observing radio waves called “millimeter waves” with short wavelengths. This telescope found a huge black hole in another galaxy. This radio telescope, with a background of Yatsugatake, and its observation of countless radio heliographs has helped create new information about space.
Spot Information. Telephone/0267-98-4300
Open/End of the year except (29th December to 3rd January) opens every day. (Admission free, Free observation).
Address. 462-2 Nobeyama, Minamimakimura Minami Saku, Nagano prefecture ZIP:384-1305.
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Starry sky observation meeting.

Point of interest. Minamimaki-Village was selected as the “Number 3 best starry sky in Japan location” by astronomers. Starry sky observation parties are held by a Starry sky guide during the Nobeyama Station stop time. A beautiful starry sky that you can never see in the city where there are so many lights. Feel at one with the starry sky where the stars are closet in Japan at Nobeyama Station.
Spot Information. Time table Nobeyama Station
18:03 arrive/18:40 leaving (Until 2019 March 10th )
19:06 arrive/19:52 leaving (From 2019 March 16th)