Goryokaku tour There are only 2 in Japan

Recommended season: All year / Usuda Station / Tatsuoka Castle Station (Saku City, Nagano Prefecture)

Enjoy a long and fascinating journey from Shinkai Sanja Shrine, which was built in the Kofun period, to Banshoin, built in the post-war period, Hakodate, built at the end of the Edo period, and Tatsuoka Castle, which is the only Goryokaku.

Spot ① Saku's tomb "Banshoin"

Point of interest. Bansho In, the old burial mound of the Soto Sect, is located at the foot of Taguchi Castle Ruins. Shingen Takeda, after serving Katsuyori, Nobushige, who was aiming to level the Saku region with the support of Ieyasu Tokugawa, died in the attack of Iwao Castle in Tenshin 11 (1583). Kangsho-in was erected as a memorial for Shingen Takeda.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-82-6183
Address 2893 Taguchi, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture ZIP:384-0412
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Spot ② “Shinkai Sansha Shirine” representing Saku

Point of interest. It has been said to be the home of Saku Sanshoo Sanjurokukkyo from ancient times, and its name is given to the three gods that have been enshrined there. As a place of worship, a request for a victory prayer by Shingen Takeda. Behind the worship hall, there and the Kagura hall are the West, Middle, and East headquarters. The East temple and Triple Tower are designated as national important cultural properties and are valuable shrines where you can see many styles of Japanese temple and shrine culture.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-82-9651
(Shrine Office)
Address 2394 Taguchi, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture ZIP:384-0412
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Spot ③ Star-shaped Western-style castle "Tatsuoka Castle Goryokaku"

Point of interest. Along with Hakodate, there are only two star-style Western castles in Japan. Built in 1867 at the end of the Edo period, it is said to be “the last architecturally designed castle in Japan”. There is no castle tower as it is a Western-style castle, but the kitchen and the star-shaped moat (except for some areas) are left behind. During cherry blossom season the area is particularly beautiful.
Spot Information Regular day off: Tuesday
(Deaino Yakata)
Address 3000 Taguchi Saku City, Nagano Prefecture ZIP:384-0412
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Original Steamed Chicken Segawa

"Mushiri(Tear)" to eat exhilaratingly. The secret taste that has lasted for more than half a century since 1959 is unforgettable once eaten. The fresh chicken's half body is put in a special sauce and the master carefully bakes it over time, so the umami (taste) of excess fat is condensed tightly. Reservations are required.

Telephone: 0267-82-2444
105 Usuda, Saku City, Nagano Prefecture
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