Let’s walk at Komoro Castle Kaikoen

Recommended Season: Spring, Autumn/ Komoro Station (Nagano Prefecture Komoro)

This castle was completed by Hidehisa Sengoku, who became the current territory by Shingen Takeda's vassal, Kansuke Yamamoto, and became the master of Komoro during the time of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. The “Hole Castle”, which was built at a lower position than the castle town, is one of the 100 most famous castles in Japan.

Spot ① Komoro Castle's main entrance "Komoro Castle Otemon"

Point of interest. The main gate of Komoro Castle, from the time of Hidehisa Sengoku was made into a double-layered defensive main building. After the Meiji Restoration, there was a time when it was sold to the private sector and used as a restaurant, Komoro Gijuku classroom and as a residence. In 2008, after completing a major renovation, the Edo period could be seen again. It is now a nationally important cultural property.
Spot Information 2nd floor open/ Beginning of April to Beginning of November Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am to 15:00
Addmission Fee/ Free
Telephone: 0267-22-0568
(Komoro City Tourist Information Center)
Address 1-5-4 Ote, Komoro City Nagano Prefecture ZIP:384-0031
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Spot ② A beautiful gate to protect the ancient castle “Komoro Castle San No Mon Gate”

Point of interest. A symbolic gate of Kaikoen. It was built in the time of Tadamasa Sengoku but was washed away by a flood called Kanpo Flood (1742). The current gate is a gate rebuilt around 1765-66. This is a two-storied building-style roof gate with Yasama and Gunma. It is a National important cultural property.
Address 〒384-0804 長野県小諸市丁1−311
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Spot (3) 100 famous castles in Japan, one of the 100 best cherry blossoms in the castle "Komoro Castle"

Point of interest. Komoro Castle Ruins, also called Suigetu Castle, has an emotional atmosphere. Known as a cherry blossom spot, cherry blossoms like a sea of ​​clouds overlook the castle tower and color the park. The “Komoro Yae Red Weeping”, which is only here, has a deep red color. There is also a Toson memorial hall of Toson Shimazaki, a great writer who is closely related to Komoro.
Spot Information Opening hours:9:00-17:00
休園日/12月〜3月中旬の水曜日 入園料/懐古園・動物園散策は大人300円 中学生以下100円
Address 311 Cho, Komoro City, Nagano prefecture ZIP:384-0804
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Visit the wine region Mans Wine Komoro Winery

Komoro, which is cool and has long hours of sunshine, is the best place to make wine. The “Solaris” series, which is highly regarded overseas, is a premium wine made from Komoro grapes. We recommend visiting the brewery where you can store and bottling, tasting wine, and strolling around the 10,000 square meters Japanese garden with waterfalls and dry mountain water.

Telephone; 0267-22-6341
Opening hours: 9:00 to 11:30
375 Moro Komoro City Nagano Prefecture
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