Let’s go around the water fall.

Recommended Seasn: All season/ Koumi Station (Nagano prefecture, Minami Saku Gun, Koumimachi/Minamiaiki Village)

Enjoy the seven waterfalls (Shichifukujin Falls) in the Minamiaiki River basin created by nature

Spot ① A waterfall with a sad legend "Omika no taki Falls"

Point of interest. The flow of the Minamiaiki River is steep and has many waterfalls. Omika no taki Falls, which consists of three waterfalls, has a sad legend. There is a tunnel along the promenade, and the waterfall, when seen from the side hole on the way, creates an impressive sight.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-78-2121 ((Minamiaiki Village Office)
Address Minami Aiki Village, Minami Saku Gun, Nagano Prefecture ZIP: 384-1211
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Spot ② “Inukoro no taki Falls” with a refreshing feeling

Point of interest. A unique name will never be forgotten once you hear it. The water flowing down the mossy rocks gives you a refreshing feeling. You can get off the promenade and look up from around the waterfall or look down from the hot spring "Takimi no Yu" that stands above the waterfall.
Spot Information Telephone:0267-78-2121(Minamiaiki Village Office)
Adddress Minamiaiki Village Minaisaku Nagano prefecture ZIP384-1211
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Spot ③ “Takimi-no-Yu” where you can enjoy local “Matsutake mushroom” in autumn

Point of interest. A one-day hot spring facility located next to Inokoro Falls. Men and women change in the separate bathroom every day, and from one side you can take a bath while watching the falling waterfall. Food is part of the fun. Specialty menus include handmade soba made from 100% ground flour and “Minamiaiki Dam Curry”, which is reminiscent of the famous Minamiaiki Dam.
Spot Information Telephone:0267-91-7700
Opening hours: 10:00 am to 9:00pm
Closed: 2nd and 4th Tuseday
Bathing fee/ Adult Y450(Junior high above)
Children Y300(4 Years old to Elementary School)
Address 5633-1 Minamiaiki Village, Minami Saku Gun, Nagano Prefecture ZIP:384-1211
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Tateiwa Lake

Many anglers gather in Minamiaiki Village. In winter, you can enjoy hole fishing on the ice (Shinanoyukimasu (trout) and Smelt). On the shore of the lake, the nature changes with the seasons, such as Yoshino cherry in the spring and autumn leaves, creates a superb view, and a beautiful reflection is also shown on the lake’s surface.

MInamiaiki Village, Minami Saku Gun, Nagano Prefecture ZIP:384-1211
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