Please visit the excellent museums and art musems along the Koumi Line/ Long Course (Estimate Time:7 hours)

There are many museums along the Koumi Line that are within walking distance from the stations, and you can enjoy a variety of art from Japanese and Western paintings to contemporary art and photography. Why not spend an artistic day while tasting gourmet food?

Spot ① Great Powerful Asama mountain "Kezo Koyama Museum of Art"

Point of interest. The “Kezo Koyama Museum of Art” in the Kaikoen is a museum with a painting by Keizo Koyama from Komoro City, a building designed by architect Tougo Murano, and a collection of views from there. The representative work “Asamayama” series is fascinating with a feeling of overwhelming power. Enjoy Mount Asama and the painting “Asamayama” right in front of you.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-22-3428
Opening hours: 9:00 -17:00
Closed: New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (December 29- January 3rd), December 1st to Middle of March every Wednesday
Address Next to Kaikoen
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If you feel hungy, “Kusabue”

A well-known restaurant of “Shinshu Soba” that grows soba in-house and sticks to local production for everyone’s consumption. The reason why is that the portion size is generous as well as a wonderful taste. The largest serving is 1kg! The owner-designed walnut sauce, eaten with Soba, has been established as a taste unique to Shinshu. Please enjoy the taste of the original.

Opening hours/11:00 to 15:00
1-1-10 Kojo Komoro City Nagano SIP:384-0032
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"Saku City Museum of Modern Art, Ichiji Yui Memorial Hall" feel overwhelmed by the variations in the collection.

Point of interest. A wide range of modern Japanese art works from notable artists, such as Hirayama Ikuo, Higashiyama Kaii, Yokoyama Taikan, Ikeda Masuo, and Okumura Togyu, can be seen. They are introduced in exhibitions that have a theme. 18 outdoor sculptures are displayed in Komaba Park. It is also recommended to enjoy sculpture while strolling in the park.
Spot Information Telephone:0267-67-1055
Opening hours: 9:30-17:00
Closing date: Monday, the day after national holidays, Changing exhibition time, New Year’s Eve and New Years’
Admission fees: Adults Y500, Students (University and High School)Y400, Elementary and Junior High School Y250
Address 35-5 Sarukubo Saku City Nagano Prefecture ZIP:385-0011
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"Eme" for snacks and souvenirs in the car

“Saku”, the town of Japan’s three largest cakes. A popular cake shop representing Saku, is “Eme”, which is known for its chocolate. Discerning chocolate continues to attract many people. Beautifully finished chocolates and cakes are truly “pieces of art”.

Telephone: 0267-88-6548
Opening hours/10:00-19:00
Closing date/ Thursday, some irregular days (Please check HP)
3458-1 Nakagomi Saku Chity Nagano Prefecture ZIP: 385-0051
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Spot ③ A collection of automatic musical instruments that resonate over time “Moeki Village Music Box Museum Hall of Halls”

Point of interest. Precious antique music boxes, automatic musical instruments, and automatic dolls collected from around the world are on display. At the concert, you can enjoy the powerful performance of the large automatic performance organ “Limonale 1900” specially made for the 1900 Paris Expo. There is also a museum shop with a wide selection from high-end music boxes to cheaper music boxes that are perfect for souvenirs.
Spot Information Telephone:0551-48-3535
Opening hours: 10:00-17:00
No Closing days(winter time irregular closing days)
Admission fees: Adults Y1000, High School, University Students Y800, Elementary, Junior High School students Y500, Younger then elementary School Free
Address Moenoki Village 3545 Kiyosato Takanemachi, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture ZIP:407-0301
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