Koumi Line, Shooting spots that I don’t really want to let you know /Long Course (Estimated time: About 7 hours)

There are many photo shooting spots along the Koumi Line where the scenery of the seasons and morning and evening sparkle and the Koumi Line vehicles become pictures. Here are some of the best photo shooting spots!

[Shooting spot 1] Saku City / A Point of interest. [Tatsuoka Jo Station-Otabe Station]

Shooting points with Yatsugatake and Mt. Asama. The rural scenery from spring to autumn is also wonderful.

Recommended season/ Spring/ Summer/ Autumn

[Shooting spot 2] Sakuhomachi/ B Point of interest. [Kaize Station- Yachiho Station]

You can shoot beautiful scenery in the countryside from spring to autumn. In spring, we recommend taking a picture of cherry blossoms at Yachiho Station.

Recommended season/ Spring/ Summer/ Autumn

[Shooting spot 3] Koumi machi/ C Point of interest. [Koumi Station- Matsubara Lake Station]

We recommend shooting in the afternoon at this point. There are car parking spaces along the national highway, so you can enjoy the photo shooting places even by car.

Recommended season/ Summer/ Autumn

[Shooting spot 4] Minamimaki Village/ D Point of interest. [Shinanokawakami Station- Nobeyama Station]

You can shoot photos and have Yatsugatake and Otokoyama as your back ground, especially during the time of colorful plateau vegetables. The winter snow field is also another wonderful oppurtunity.

Recommended season/ Summer/ Autumn/ Winter

[Shooting spot 5] Hokuto City / E Point of interest. [Nobeyama Station-Kiyosato Station]

Near the highest point of the JR Railway, during the sprouting season of spring, you can take vivid photos and use Mt.Kai Komagatake as a wonderful background.

Recommended season/Spring/ Summer/ Autumn/ Winter

[Shooting spot 6] Hokuto City / F Point of interest. [Kobuchizawa Station-Kaikoizumi Station]

Oomagari (large curve) point, that is famous for a shooting point on the Koumi Line. In this place, Yatsugatake and Kai-Komagatake can be shown in the background, which makes a good to shoot from anywhere at any time.

Recommended season/ Spring/ Summer/ Autumn/ Winter