Sakuho Town

Estmated time: About 3 hours

Haguroshita Station (22 minutes by walk) → Kitazawa River Oishi Bar 19 minutes by walk → Koyamajikubo Ruins (Olympia Tower) 16 minutes by walk → Energetic Park 20 minutes by walk→ Machino Station Sakuho-cho Agricultural Products Direct Sale 10 minutes by walk → Haguroshita Station

Kitazawagawa No Ooishi Stone Bar

Point of interest. A symbol of faith that was prayed to for the abundance of crops and the prosperity of the village. It is shaped like male genitalia and is a stone bar with a height of 2.23m and a thickness of 25cm made in the Jomon period (14,500 BCE), and is said to be the largest in Japan in this period. Big is good. Good fortune seems to be happen here, so try your luck.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-86-2525 (Sakuho Town Office)

Koyamaterakubo Ruins (Gorin to)

Point of interest. During excavation work related to the Chubu Crossing Expressway, a Samurai tower, human bones, and a ruined temple were found. The Gorinto is considered to belong to the Samurai class from the Kamakura period to the early Edo period. The Kawarastones excavated together are laid out and about 80 Samurai towers are preserved and exhibited.
Spot Information Telephone:0267-86-2525 (Sakuho Town Office)

Energetic Park

Point of interest. Locally known as “Genderu”. There is playground equipment for children and BBQ facilities. There is also a mallet golf course and a tennis court. One of the most exciting things is the sloping lawn open space. Running and sledding using your body and exercise! As the name suggests, it is a park that caters for the energetic.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-86-2525 (Sakuho Machi Office)

Town Station (Sakuho Town Sakuho Town Agricultural Products Direct Sales Office)

Point of interest. Sakuho Town, rich in nature, produces a variety of specialties from vegetables and fruits to flower. From these agricultural products to processed products, there are many “delicious graces” from Sakuho Town. From summer to autumn, take home plenty of seasonal products such as special prunes, blueberries, and apples.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-86-5350
Address 720-5 Takano, Sakuho Town ZIP:384-0613
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