Minamiaki Village Follow the footsteps of people from ancient times

Estimate time: About 4 hours

Koumi Station 12 minutes by village bus + 5 minutes by walk → Shinkai Shrine 8 minutes by village bus + 5 minutes by walk → Folk Museum 10 minutes by walk → Jogenji village bus 20 minutes → Koumi Station

Shingai Shrine

Point of interest. Shingai Shrine was founded in the Muromachi period (1336 to 1573), and the current main shrine was built in 1811. The side of the main hall has sculptures that seem to have been painted in rich colors at that time. Sawara, which is said to be 300 years old, has the feeling of a powerful spot.

Minamiaiki Village Folk Museum

Point of interest. This building that was erected in 1832. Until recently, it was used as an old government office building, and it had the special feature of the only government building with a thatched roof in the whole country. Currently it used as a folk museum. Formerly known as Kaguraden, it displays the history of the village, Kabuki dolls, old folk tools, and ancient documents.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-78-2433
Operating hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm
Admission Fee: Free ※Booking necessary (Education office)
Address 3488 Nakajima Minamiaiki Village ZIP:384-1211
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Jogenji temple

Point of interest. A temple opened by Shingen Takeda's vassal, Ichibei Aiki, to house his father's spirit. The temple treasure house houses Aiki Ichibei's wooden structure, favorite army corps fans, old documents, long swords, samurai armour and Jinchu mirrors. This is a secretive temple where history fans will be are pleased.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-78-2422
Address 4547 Nakajima Minamiaiki Village ZIP: 384-1211
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