Along the Koumi Line / Sake Brewery ④ / Long Course

Estimated time: about 4 hours

Sakudaira Station 3 minutes by taxi → 5 minutes by Chikuma Nishiki Sake Brewery 5 minutes by taxi → Sakudaira Station 20 minutes by Koumi Line → 5 minutes by taxi → Uchidakura Sake Brewery 5 minutes by taxi → Usuda Station Koumi Line 12 minutes → 5 minutes by foot from Yachiho Station → Kurosawa Sake Brewery 5 minutes on foot → Yachiho Station

This area along the Koumi Line is a bar and brewery district. Many breweries are brewing delicious sake for hard working people. You can visit a brewery and see the process used to create these wonderful drinks. As you are travelling by train, there is no danger of drinking while driving, so enjoy!

Chikuma Nishiki Sake Brewery

Point of interest. Having roots from Mr Hara, one of the 24 generals of Shingen Takeda, the brewery was founded in the Edo period (1603-1868). Since then, over 330 years of brewing tradition has been passed down. Visitors to the sake brewery can visit rice mills and shochu oak aging storages vats and gain a glimpse of the brewing techniques woven together by nature and the brewer's inquiring mind. In the shop, you can taste almost everything that is displayed in the tasting corner. Enjoy yourself.
Spot information Telephone: 0267-67-3731 ※Sake Brewery tour Booking necessary
address 1110 Nagatoro Saku City ZIP:385-0021
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Kitsukura Sake Brewery

Point of interest. Kitsukura Sake Brewery" has a history of over 300 years since the Edo period (1603-1868). Through watching sake brewing DVDs, visiting Kuranai, and tasting, you will be guided through the process of making sake with the thought that every drop has been created by nature and human activities working harmoniously. Look for your favorite sake at the shop “Shuraku”. On the day of the Saku region's premier festival "Komansai", the sake brewery is also opened for this special once a year event. Please visit soon!
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-82-2006 ※Sake Brewery tour Booking necessary
Address 653-2 Usuda Saku City ZIP:384-0301
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Kurosawa Sake Brewery

Point of interest. The sake museum on the grounds of Kurosawa Sake Brewery displays dioramas that show the different stages of sake brewing, sake bottles, and sake-making tools. In the shop, where the brewery has been remodeled, you can taste Japanese sake and shochu, and purchase them including the representative brand “Izutsu Cho”.
Spot Infromaion Telephone:2067-88-2002
Address 1400 Hozumi, Sakuho Town, Saku City0
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