Space research. ⑤ Along the Koumi line there are a lot of Space research centers.

Estimated time: about 5 hours

Nobeyama Station 2 minutes by sightseeing bus → Nobeyama Space Radio Observatory 2 minutes by sightseeing bus → Nobeyama Station 60 minutes by Koumi Line → 25 minutes by taxi from Usuda Station → 30 minutes by taxi from Usuda Space Station → 15 minutes by taxi from Usuda Stardome → 15 minutes by Usuda Station

Railway / Koumi Line close to the sky. It is suitable for space observation and has space research related facilities and astronomical observation facilities. The starry sky is beautiful, and astronaut Kimiya Yui (from Kawakami-Village) has come to think of the universe far from this place and realized her dream.

Nobeyama Space Radio Observatory

Point of interest. The world's largest radio telescope that suddenly appears in a vast vegetable field. It is one of the most accurate in the world, exploring the darkest parts of the universe by observing radio waves called “millimeter waves” with short wavelengths. This telescope found a huge black hole in another galaxy. This radio telescope, with a background of Yatsugatake, and its observation of countless radio heliographs has helped create new information about space.
Spot Information Telephone:0267-98-4300
Address 4602-2 Nobeyama Minamimaki Village Zip:384-1305
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Usuda Space Observatroy

Point of interest. With a diameter of 64m, and total weight 1980 tons this parabolic antenna boasts the largest size antenna in Japan. If you look up, you will be overwhelmed by its size. This is a facility for space observation, such as sending operation commands to spacecraft that observe Earth or the moon, and receiving data sent back. It has supported JAXA's deep space exploration missions.
Spot Information Telephone; 0267-81-1230
Address 1831-6 Oomagari Kamiotagiri, Saku City ZIP:384-0306
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Usuda Star Dome

Point of interest. You can enjoy full-scale astronomical observations using a reflective telescope with a diameter of 600 mm and a refracting telescope with a diameter of 200 mm. An astronomical commentary by an astronomical instructor invites you to travel to our mysterious universe. Events are held in each season and for various astronomical phenomena. Your interest in the stars will be increased and you will want to know more.
Spot Information Telephone: 0267-82-0200
Opening hours: 10 am to 10pm
Closed: Monday, Tuesday, New Years eve and New Years days.
Address 3113-1 Usuda Saku City: ZIP 384-0301
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