Number one tour in Japan ⑥

Estimated time about 5 hours

There are several “the best in Japan” along the Koumi Line, including the highest, biggest, and longest. If you go around Japan, you will feel this area is the climax. It's difficult to go through it all of it in one day, so we recommend for you to divide it into several days.

The furthest Point of interest. from the Sea in Japan.

Point of interest. Nagano prefecture is not surrounded by the ocean and is one of the few landlocked prefectures in Japan. According to the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, the latitude is 36.10: 36, the longitude is 138.34: 49, the altitude is 1200m, and the distance to the coastline is 114.858km. After you arrive, you can get a certificate of arrival by presenting a photo that can be verified at the Usuda branch.
Spot Information From Usuda Station, Amakawa Dam is 20 minutes by Taxi, From Amakawa Dam, it takes 80 minutes by walking.

Kitazawa River’s Ooishi Stone bar

Point of interest. A symbol of faith that people prayed to for the abundance of crops and the prosperity of the village made in Jomon Period. It is shaped like a male genetalia and is a stone bar with a height of 2.23m and a thickness of 25cm made in the Jomon period and is said to be the largest in Japan from this period. Big is good and the auspicious looks good.
Spot Infromaiton Telephone:0267-86-2525 (Sakuho town Hall)
HaguroShita Station 22minutes by walk

Honzawa Onsen

Point of interest. It is a single inn located at the altitude of 2100m in the mountains of Yatsugatake mountain range, Ioudake. There is "Honzawa Outside hot spring Bath Unjo-no-yu" at an altitude of 2150m, just a short climb up from there. As an all-year-round hot spring, it is the best open-air bath in Japan. The view of Mt. Ioudake from the bathtub is incredible. There is no doubt that bathing at the highest point in Japan will make you feel great.
Spot Information From Koumi Station to Honzawa Hot Spring Entrance takes 30 minutes by Taxi.
From Honzawa Hot Spring Entrance takes 3 hours 30 minutes by walk.

Minami Aiki Dam

Point of interest. Completed in Year 2004 as the upper regulating pond (Oku Mikawa Ko) of the TEPCO / Kannagawa Power Plant. The top of the bank is 1532m above sea level. There is a park around the dam lake where you can feel the rich nature.
Spot Information Telephone:0267-78-2121
From Koumi Station 45muites by bus
Address 3525-1 Minami Aiki Village, Minamisaku Gun, NaganoZIP:384-1211
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Nobeyama Station

Point of interest. Nobeyama Station is the highest in the JR line with an altitude 1345.67m. As such it is a record in Japan that will not be beaten!

JR RAIL Highest Point of interest.

Point of interest. "The closest to the sky" Kogen Railway Koumi Line. The JR Railway, highest point (1375m) is located between Nobeyama Station and Kiyosato Station. The moment you pass by in a train it is a good feeling, but you will want to enjoy it slowly. Besides being the highest point, there is a railway shrine built by the people who love the JR highest point and who pray for the safety of travelers. The god is like a railroad shrine and is a rail used on the Koumi Line. SL "C56" wheels are also displayed.
Spot Information From Nobeyama Station by walking 30 minutes, by taxi 3 minutes