Long Course ① HIGH RAIL1st/ Spring to Autumn (March 16th to around November)

Kobuchizawa Station Leaving →HIGH RAIL 1st (Brunch/ Train window) → Nakagomi Station→ (120minutes) Sake Brewery/ Cake/ Café/ Tsuchiya Sake Brewery/ Peters→Nakagomi Station Leaving→(10 minutes walk) →Yatsuren Factory(40 minutes)→(10minutes walk)→Nobeyama Station Leave→Kobuchizawa Station arrive and Leave→HIGH RAIL Star Sky→Nobeyama Station (Star observation meeting)→ Sakudaira Station arrive

Tsuchiya Sake Brewery

Point of interest. The secret of the deliciousness of Saku's sake is in the water. Tsuchiya Sake Brewery has a natural well of Chikuma River’s underground water in its brewery, and brews sake that is special in its use of wooden natural storehouses. In addition to the representative brand “Kame no Umi”, Kuramoto continues to take on challenges such as “Akanesasu” made from locally grown sake rice grown under contract. A part of the brewery tour is possible, but reservations are required.
Spot Information Telephone/0267-62-0113
Working Days 8:00 to 17:30, Saturdays: 10:30 to 12:00 13:30 to 17:00
Address 1914-2 Nakagomi Saku City Nagano Prefecture ZIP:385-0051
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Cake Boutique Peters

Point of interest. “Cake Boutique Peters” is a famous store that represents Saku, the town of three major cakes. Bonbon chocolates, macaroons and other delicious cakes make it hard to make a choice! There is also a cafe, so you can enjoy not only the purchased cake but also the cafe's original menu.
Spot Information Telephone/0267-62-8646
  営 業/【SHOP】9:30~19:00 【CAFE】10:30~18:30(ラストオーダー 18:00)火曜定休(祝日の場合は翌日)
address 1-14-8 Nakagomi Saku City, Nagano Prefecture ZIP:385-0051
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Café Meisyodo

Point of interest. A long-established coffee shop with a history from before WWⅡ. The Cafe that imitates Saku City's important cultural properties, Japan's first Western-style school "Old Nakagomi School" still attracts attention. The nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of the “Showa period” makes you feel nostalgic and relieved at the same time. You can enjoy long-established tastes such as handmade cakes, a rich parfait menu and aromatic coffee.
Spot Information Telephone/ 0267-63-0588
Open/9:00am to 10:00pm
Closed/Every Monday and the 3rd Wednesday
Address 1-18-16 Nakagomi Saku City ZIP:385-0051
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Yatsuren Factory/Minamimaki Agricultral Products Direct Sales Office

Point of interest. Speaking of Yatsuren, this is where the delicious milk alled “Poppo milk” is made. Milk produced by dairy farmers in Nobeyama Kogen is pasteurized while fresh. If you can join the “Secret of the factory tour” you will know why the milk is so delicious. Minamimaki Agricultural Products Direct Sales Office sells fresh milk as well as dairy products such as yogurt and cheese. It is highly recommended to have their ice cream. Thick soft ice cream with jersey milk is wonderfully different.
Spot Information Telephone/0267-98-2028
Open/8:30 to 17:00
Address 79-7 Nobeyama Ooaza Minamimaki Village Minami Saku Nagano Prefecture ZIP:384-1305
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Starry sky observation meeting

Point of interest. Minamimaki-mura was selected as the “Number 3 best starry sky in Japan location” by astronomers. Starry sky observation parties are held by a Starry sky guide during the Nobeyama Station stop time. A beautiful starry sky that you can never see in the city where there are so many lights. Feel at one with the starry sky where the stars are closet in Japan at Nobeyama Station.
Spot Information Time table at Nobeyama Station
18:03 arrive/18:40 leaving (Until 2019 March 10th )
19:06 arrive/19:52 leaving (From 2019 March 16th)