Hokuto City The town of Horse Kobuchizawa.

Kobuchizawa Station/Kobuchizawa Station Observatory 15minutes by taxi→10 minutes by walk from Yamanashi Prefecture Equestraian Stadium-→10 minutes by taxi from nearby riding club →10 mintues by bus from Kobuchizawa Road Station,→ Kobuchizawa Station.

Kobuchizawa Station Observatory.

Point of interest. The starting point of the Koumi Line, Kobuchizawa Station. The observation deck on the roof of the station building allows you to see the majestic Yatsugatake range and Kai-Komagatake in front of you. In addition, you might be able to see 3 highest mountains of Mt. Fuji, Mt. Kita Dake and Mt. Okuhotakadake. You can relax while feeling relaxed travelling on the Koumi Line vehicles as they arrive and depart. The only station on the Koumi Line where you can buy Ekiben (Train station packed lunch) including the long-established “Marumasa” Ekiben.
Spot information. Telephone 050-2016-1600.
Address 1024 Kobuchizawa Machi, Hokuto City ZIP:408-0044.
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Yamanashi Equestrian Stadium.

Point of interest. Kobuchizawa is known as the “Town of horses”. Yamanashi Prefecture Equestrian Stadium is five times larger than Tokyo Dome, and is one of the leading stadiums in Japan. In addition to various equestrian competitions, there is a horse show in the summer and the Yatsugatake Horse Show Sakai Kobuchizawa, which hosts an amazing fireworks display.
Spot information. Telephone: 0551-36-3945.
Address: 10060-3 Kobuchizawa Machi Hokuto City. ZIP:408-0044
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Horse riding Club.

Point of interest. Horse riding mecca, Kobuchizawam has many riding clubs and sightseeing ranches where you can get close to horses. You can enjoy a different nature walk while enjoying the refreshing highland breeze on a horse, such as horse trekking.

Michino Eki Kobuchizawa

Point of interest. A popular "Michi-no-Eki" station where you can enjoy homemade jams, freshly baked bread, direct sales of agricultural products such as fresh fruit and vegetables, a café and footbaths for a relaxing day. “Spatio Kobuchisawa (Enmei no Yu)” offers hot spring baths and accommodation, so you can relax after a horse riding experience.
Spot information. Telephone: 0551-36-3280.
Address: 2968-1 Kobuchizawa Town Hokuto City ZIP:408-0044
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